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While my main topics of expertise are Millennials (empowering employees, selling to customers) and Multi-Generational Teamwork, I also speak about innovation and effective management. I pride myself in customizing my talks to best match my client's industry, company and unique objectives.

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Digital Media Kit ContentS

  • Speaking Sizzle Reel (file) and Link to Viewable Online Version (Vimeo)
  • One-Pager Speaker Overview (PDF version and Customizable PPT version)
  • Extended Speaker Overview (PDF version and Customizable PPT version)
  • Full Length Presentation Video - 1+ hours long (YouTube and video file)
  • Speaker Bio (below & in Speaker Overviews)
  • Speaking Elevator Pitch
  • Speech/Engagement Types
  • Client Testimonials (below, on Speaker Overviews, and in video reel)
  • Client Reference Contact Info
  • Topic Overviews
  • Fee Schedule
  • Books Published
  • Social Media Following & Links
  • Media Showcased In
  • Partial Client List
  • Travel Requirements
  • Audio-Visual Requirements
  • Speaker Headshots
  • Education & Awards

Full-Length Presentation

Speaking Sizzle Reel

Speaker Summary

Each of these documents can be customized to have your contact info included

Speaker Bio

Aaron McDaniel is a corporate manager, speaker and author with a passion for helping organizations better engage their Millennial customers and empower their Millennial employees. Aaron pairs his multi-generational teamwork expertise with strong corporate experience, having been in leadership and management roles for nearly a decade. At the age of 27, Aaron became the youngest ever to serve as Regional Vice President at AT&T, a Fortune Global 100 company, leading an organization of over 60 people. Aaron was a graduate of AT&T's flagship MBA-only Leadership Development Program (as an Undergraduate), and was part of AT&T's Diamond Club, being part of the Top 1% of sales leaders worldwide. Aaron is currently one of the youngest members of the faculty at UC Berkeley's Haas School of Business (having also taught a highly rated course on leadership at Haas as a student) and has built many successful ventures including three that were acquired (Access Invest, the nation's largest mobile aggregator of alternative investments acquired in 2016, Tycoon, the first real estate crowdfunding platform to be acquired in 2015 & Pong360, an e-commerce portal targeting Millennials, acquired in 2012).

Aaron is the author of The Young Professional’s Guide to the Working World (an international top 10 listed book printed in multiple languages, with a foreword by New York Times Bestseller Marshall Goldsmith) and The Young Professional’s Guide to Managing (foreword by co-author of The Leadership Challenge, Jim Kouzes) and has been written about in Forbes, Inc., Bloomberg BusinessWeek and US News & World Report. He has also been heard on CBS Radio & NPR, seen on ABC's Shark Tank and has spoken to groups of executives & young professionals at top companies and organizations like The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Academy, Deloitte Consulting, Wells Fargo, UnitedHealth Group and many more. 

Your company’s future profits will be amplified by your ability to engage Millennials.
— Aaron McDaniel

Speaker Elevator Pitch

Aaron will help your organization innovate and adapt in today's ever-changing marketplace.

Innovation & Intrapreneurship: Make your organization more successful & adaptive it today's fast-changing business world

Many industries have experienced tectonic shifts that unseat traditional market leaders through the implementation of technology and use of new innovation frameworks, from both startups and the existing competition. From change to retail because of online sales, to transportation with the growth of Uber, to new models for financial services and beyond, almost every industry has been affected. Using strategies that he teaches at one of the top 10 business schools in the world (UC Berkeley's Haas School of Business), Aaron will help your organization understand how to innovate to stay ahead of the competition and disruptive forces in your market. From developing the right mindset and culture to foster innovation, to how to implement practical frameworks to allow for stakeholder buy-in and participation in innovation initiatives - your audience will leave empowered and well equipped to help your company adapt in today's ever-changing marketplace.


Aaron will help you solve your Millennial challenges using strategies based on real-life corporate experience.

Selling to Millennials/Empowering Millennial Employees (Pitch for Executive Audiences)

Did you know that while 47% of young professionals want to stay at the first company they work at for 5-10 years, a majority last less than 2? Companies are dedicating tens of thousands of dollars of resources into someone who takes those skills to another company before you get a return on your investment. Over 80 million strong, Millennials also represent the largest and fastest growing target customer segment in the market. I am an experienced corporate leader and generational dynamics expert, who happens to understand what it is like to be a Millennial firsthand. Instead of basing my advice on reading research reports, my insights come from being in the trenches, working for nearly a decade at a Fortune 10 company and rising to become one of the youngest ever to serve as Regional Vice President. Through speaking, consulting and coaching I work with executive leaders and managers to understand Millennials in order to better attract & engage Millennial customers and empower & retain Millennial employees, helping companies preserve their top young talent and delight their biggest future customer base. 


Millennial Career Success (Pitch for Millennial Audiences & Young Managers)

Do you ever worry about the future of your organization and what will happen to your legacy when the next generation takes over? Many leaders today are struggling with preparing the Millennial generation to carry the torch, since we think so differently and have very contrasting views on careers and work than wiser generations. I am an experienced corporate leader and generational dynamics expert, who also happens to be a Millennial that helps companies train their Millennial employees to be the next generation of leaders in their organizations. Instead of basing my advice on reading research reports, my insights come from being in the trenches, working for nearly a decade at a Fortune 10 company and rising to become one of the youngest ever to serve as Regional Vice President. Through speaking, consulting and coaching I work directly with your top young talent to increase retention, transition them into leadership roles and help them build the foundation for a successful career at your company.

Speech/Engagement Types

  • Keynote (primary)
  • Half-Day
  • Full-Day
  • Consulting
  • Coaching (group & individual)

Q&A Segment available as part of speech if Client prefers it be included

Fee Schedule

The following fees are GROSS, not including travel expenses/reimbursements: 

  • Keynote (1-1.5 hour) - $10,000 to $12,000 (will go as low as $8,000 in select circumstances)
  • Up to 3 Hour Keynote - $15,000 to $18,000
  • Full Day (6 hours) - $20,000
  • International Bookings are bid on a per event basis (generally $12,000 - $15,000)

I also offer Consulting & Coaching services, all of which are commissionable for agent partners

Travel Requirements

  • Speaker is based in San Francisco (SFO, OAK)
  • Coach/Economy Airfare (American Airlines preferred, but speaker is flexible)
  • Lodging Accommodation (3-star or above is fine)
  • Transportation Reimbursement To/From Airport & Venue (Uber/Taxi is fine)
  • Meal Reimbursement (budget can be pre-defined by client)
  • Local Engagements- Pay for parking or transportation to/from San Francisco & Event

Audio-Visual Requirements

  • Microphone (lavaliere/lapel clip preferred, wireless hand-held is acceptable)
  • Projector
  • WiFi Internet Connectivity
  • Speakers (for video and other media)
  • Laptop Computer cable to connect speaker's laptop - Thunderbolt or HDMI port
  • Access to Electrical Plug for Laptop Charger
  • Remote Control/Clicker (optional, speaker has his own)
  • Confidence Monitor (optional, preferred)
  • Countdown Timer (optional, preferred)


Aaron McDaniel is a corporate manager, speaker and author with a passion for helping organizations better engage their Millennial customers and empower their Millennial employees. Aaron became the youngest ever to serve as Regional Vice President at AT&T and was part of AT&T's Diamond Club, being part of the Top 1% of sales leaders worldwide.

Aaron is a serial entrepreneur who has founded 3 companies that have been acquired, including one he pitched on ABC's Shark Tank. He is one of the youngest members of the faculty at UC Berkeley's Haas School of Business and is a founding partner of Velocity Capital Group, a real estate private equity fund. 

Aaron is the author of The Young Professionals Guide book series, has been written about in Forbes, Inc. and Bloomberg BusinessWeek, heard on NPR & CBS Radio and has spoken at top companies including: The Ritz-Carlton, Deloitte Consulting, Wells Fargo, UnitedHealth Group and many more. Please join me in welcoming to the stage Aaron McDaniel. 

Client Testimonials

In today's business climate, a new message is a must, and Aaron's delivery of the "thinking of the millennial" opened my eyes to how I need to change me! Aaron is the Stephen Covey of his generation!

-Frank Gambuzza, President, Intercoiffure America/Canada


I have found few that can top Aaron McDaniel. His topic around hiring, coaching and nurturing millennial talent is most timely and he executes on stage with style and grace. From the initial meeting to his post-session follow up, Aaron is world class... He does it all with humor and an easy to listen style that keeps people engaged regardless of age. If you are looking for someone to discuss how to blend millennials into the workplace, hire Aaron McDaniel, hire him now.

-Jack Hubbard, Chairman & Chief Sales Officer, St. Meyer & Hubbard


Aaron did his homework and customized his presentation to be relevant to the industry and to my company specifically. His understanding of and discussion around the Millennial generation is critical knowledge for every company and manager in today’s workplace. Aaron’s presentation style is relaxed and confident, which allowed him to really engage with the audience individually and as a group. Aaron was a true pleasure to work with, start to finish.

–Al Giobbie, Sr. Vice President, Provident Bank


Aaron was amazing to work with from start to finish. He worked with me to customize his talk for our group and really focused on what would be interesting and relevant for the audience. His session was really dynamic and engaging with multiple people coming up immediately to me after the talk to compliment the session. We would love to bring Aaron in again to speak to our group!

–Jenna Chen, Chief of Staff, Deloitte Consulting


In his session “Redefining Age in the Workplace: Diversity is More Than Just Ethnicity and Gender,” Aaron McDaniel provided workable solutions... Participants learned tips that would be beneficial throughout their careers. McDaniel helped them understand the importance of being patient, stepping outside their comfort zones, making careful decisions and being open to career coaching. Attendees also left with a clear understanding of the value of collaboration among different generations in the workplace. In his session, McDaniel inspired millennials to become engaged and empowered to succeed and helped prepare them to lead those who will eventually follow in their footsteps.

— Sheron Rose, Vice President, Montgomery Area Chamber of Commerce


We had the opportunity to feature Aaron McDaniel at one of the Young Professional Networking events. Our members left feeling inspired to enact the strategies he presented during the event. His strong communication and facilitation skills were impressive. He provided invaluable insight and we look forward to collaborating in the future.

— Perrine Zen, President, Wells Fargo Young Professional’s Network- San Francisco


Outstanding! Thank you for taking part and being a part of our leadership conference. [Aaron’s] thoughtful presentation hit the minds and the hearts of all assembled. Clearly [his] message added the dimension to our gathering that was at the center of our vision for the organization.

— Donn Wadley, Rotaract District Manager

Client Reference Contact Info

  1. Frank Gambuzza - President Intercoiffure North America
    • frank@salonvisage.com
    • 865-389-7238
  2. Al Giobbie - Sr. VP, Provident Bank
    • albert.giobbie@providentnj.com 
    • 732.660.0177
  3. Jack Hubbard - Chairman, St. Meyer & Hubbard
    • jhubbard@smandh.com 
    • 847-717-4328
  4. Ron Balmer - VP, Greenwich Associates
    • ronald.balmer@greenwich.com
    • 203.625.5022

Topic Overviews

  1. Maximize your Gen Y ROI: Combination of "The Future of Customer Engagement" and "Empowering Your Millennial Workforce" (#2 and #3 listed below)- most popular among clients. Addresses how to attract/retain Millennial customer and empower Millennial employees (executive audiences)
  2. Multi-Generational Teamwork in Today's Workplace: There are currently 3 (and sometimes 4) different generation's of employee in today's workplace, each with their own unique perspectives and skill-sets.  Learn how to encourage collaboration and take advantage of your organization's age diversity
  3. The Future of Customer Engagement: Learn how Millennials think, what they value, how to appeal to them and how to develop Millennial customer loyalty (executive audiences)
  4. Empowering your Millennial Workforce: Gain key insights and practical advice into how to get the most out of your Millennial employees and set them on the right track to be the future leaders of your organization (executive audiences)
  5. Intrapreneurship & Innovation: How to drive lasting change & results through innovation. Learn how to develop an entrepreneurial spirit within your organization (with effective implementation of Silicon Valley mindsets & process) (all audiences)
  6. Work-Life Integration: It's no longer work/life "balance" - the two are fully intertwined with the demands of today's market and mobile technology. Learn how to deliver top results at work while maintaining the life outside of work that you have always wanted (all audiences)
  7. The Young Professional's Guide to the Working World: College doesn't teach you how to be successful in professional work environments. Get the proven playbook for how to build the foundation for a successful career (Millennial/Young professional audiences)
  8. How to Be the Boss: Being a young manager is tough, especially when you are managing your ex-peers and people your same age or much older and with more experience than you; excel as a young manager using the framework discussed in this session (Millennial/Young professional audiences)
  9. 60 Days to Success: People change jobs every 2-3 years. With each change you are expected to hit the ground running and contribute to your organization, which is often difficult. This session outlines the Who, What, When, Where, Why and How of getting any new job on the right track from day 1. (all audiences)

Notable Clients Include:

  • The Ritz Carlton
  • Wells Fargo Bank
  • Deloitte Consulting
  • UnitedHealth Group
  • United Way
  • Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley

Social Media

Over 11,000 Engaged Followers

Media Mention LINKS

Articles available via the links below:

Aaron on His businesses

Aaron has appeared in Top Media Outlets

Education & Awards

  • Business Degree from Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley (Top 3 business program)
  • AT&T's Diamond Club - Top 1% of sales leaders worldwide
  • AT&T Champion Strategist Award
  • UC Berkeley University-Wide Commencement Student Speaker (alongside California Governor Jerry Brown)

Headshots & Image Files