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  • Innovation & Intrapreneurship: Make your organization and team more successful and adaptive it today's fast-changing business world

    • Learn how organizations large and small can implement innovation strategies to grow their business

    • Develop the right culture to harness the entrepreneurial spirit and foster innovation

    • Implement frameworks that allow for stakeholder buy-in and participation in innovation initiatives

  • Maximize your Gen Y ROI: Empowering your Millennial Workforce

    • Understand who Millennials are and how did they get that way?

    • Become of how to empower your Millennial workforce and what to avoid

    • Learn how to improve the return on investment (ROI) you get from the time and training resources put into young employees, improving retention

    • Gain insights into how you can revamp your employee engagement methods to appeal to and leverage the best traits of Millennials staff

  • The Future of Customer Engagement: Delighting your Millennial Customers

    • Who are Millennials, what makes them different and how did they get that way?

    • How to make your organization's product/service irresistible to Millennials

    • Master techniques to leverage your Millennial customer base to drive innovation and your organization's future vision

  • Succession Planning: How to prepare the future Millennial Leaders of Your Organization

    • Discover how to identify and nurture top Millennial talent a midst key differences in how generations view work

    • Learn key tactics to keep high performing Millennials engaged over extended periods of time

    • Gain strategies to remove obstacles and maximize the value high performers provide

  • Work-Life Integration: How Technology & Generational Differences Shape the Workplace of Today & Tomorrow

    • Why the traditional concept of work is quickly changing and what we can do about it

    • Learn practical tactics of how to leverage technology to be more efficient and productive

    • Master key strategies to help you spend more time on what you care most about, both at work and in your personal life

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