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  • Recruiting 101: How to Write a Standout Resume & Cover Letter, Ace the Interview and Get Your Dream Job
    • Get key insights into what recruiters are looking for and how get more interviews/offers
    • How to leverage technology (LinkedIn and beyond) to get a leg-up on other candidates
    • Create the best proactive strategy to master any interview
  • Young Professional’s Guide to the Working World: Building the Foundation for a Successful Career
    • Go in depth into what it takes to be a STAR young professional instead of a DOPE
    • Get key insights into the best Millennial traits to leverage to accelerate your career and the negative characteristics to be mindful of that can be career derailers
    • Cover the 25 attributes of successful young professionals
    • Leverage valuable frameworks to build the blueprint for career success
  • 60 Days to Success: What to do in the First 2 Months of Any Internship or Job to Get off on the Right Foot
    • Learn the Who, What, When, Where, Why & How to start any job right
    • Identify how to leave your mark and unique contribution on your organization
    • Master the group's dynamics and internal politics
    • Understand your core job responsibilities
    • Learn how to manage your boss and peers

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