The Young Professional's Guide to Managing

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The Young Professional's Guide to Managing


There are just some fundamentals of leading and managing that are stable through time... this is certainly the case with the lessons Aaron McDaniel teaches in this book.
-Jim Kouzes: Coauthor of the bestselling book The Leadership Challenge

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One of the hardest challenges in anyone's career is transitioning from being a employee responsible solely for one's own work to a manager responsible for others' performance. New managers face the stress of giving up control while needing to drive results through others.

Many of the more than 80 million members of the Millennial generation are facing the challenge of managing others without a guide to success specifically tailored to them.

The Young Professional's Guide to Managing fills this void with a mix of relevant tips and stories, and a connection to rich online resources. It is an essential guide for all new managers and emerging leaders, providing important insights, including:

  • How to successfully transition to being a manager, from the very first day
  • The 10 skills all young professionals must develop to thrive as STAR managers
  • Managing people of different generations
  • How to hire, develop, and lead teams to incredible results
  • Advanced strategies for young managers, including how to fire under-performing employees and how to squash office politics